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AA MEDIA is an experimental testing ground for exploring and interrogating the tools of the discipline – tools with which we speculate, manipulate and play; compute, control and test; communicate, seduce, and provoke.

Acting as both training camp and laboratory, it is a diverse, multidisciplinary program where unexpected collisions and obsessive attention to detail expose a rich seam of creative potential. Media Studies presents an opportunity to develop individual practice, where students hone their dexterity with established and progressive media, actively testing modes of production through focused acts of doing and making.


Kate Davies
Head of Media Studies
Inigo Minns
Acting Department Head
Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu
Lab Coordinator

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Image: MuqingBai


Thomas Pearce
Weds, 10-1pm, Room TBC in Term 2

In this course, we will prime the daunting blank canvas of our digital modelling space with a coat of delightful resistance as we replace the sad grey gridded pivot with the textures and geometries of the digitized as-found. The course will introduce 3D Lidar and object scanning, mesh/NURBS modelling and digital fabrication techniques like rapid prototyping. These technologies will allow us to subvert and transform a set of given spatial conditions by designing and fabricating sub-millimetre accurate surgical incisions into a set of found objects.

Course Outline

Session 1: COLLECT
Wednesday 11th Jan
Introduction to the brief.
Introduction to 3D (object) scanning: comparing technologies and discussing approaches towards veracity and error.
Fieldwork: sampling situations

Session 2: REPLICATE
Wednesday 18th Jan
On-site nomadic object scanning.
Data processing & introduction to clouds, meshes, nurbs.
Replicating fragments: techniques of extracting, re-materialising, representing and framing site fragments

Session 3: SUBVERT
Wednesday 25th Jan
Workflows: continuous translations from digital to analogue, from sketches to submillimetre precision, from digitization to materialisation.
Friction fits & forged facts: strategies of subtle subversion - concepts & discussion

Session 4: CONSTRUCT (1)
Wednesday 1st Feb
Design and fabricate: first prototypes – sketch, scan, evaluate


Session 5: CONSTRUCT (2)
Wednesday 15th Feb
Design and fabricate: tweaks and iterations

Session 6: CONSTRUCT (3)
Wednesday 22nd Feb
Design and fabricate: finalise & polish

Session 7: INSERT
Wednesday 1st March
On-site insertion and documentation

Session 8: REFLECT
Wednesday 8th March
AA Media Jury Day