Architectural Association
Media Studies

AA MEDIA is an experimental testing ground for exploring and interrogating the tools of the discipline – tools with which we speculate, manipulate and play; compute, control and test; communicate, seduce, and provoke.

Acting as both training camp and laboratory, it is a diverse, multidisciplinary program where unexpected collisions and obsessive attention to detail expose a rich seam of creative potential. Media Studies presents an opportunity to develop individual practice, where students hone their dexterity with established and progressive media, actively testing modes of production through focused acts of doing and making.


Kate Davies
Head of Media Studies
Inigo Minns
Acting Department Head
Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu
Lab Coordinator

Architectural Association
School of Architecture
36 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3ES

+44 (0)20 7887 4000

Image: Jon Juarez


Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu + Sergio Irigoyen
Weds, 10-1pm, 39 First Floor Front, computer lab

The Motion Studio is the Architectural Association’s real-time media and digital storytelling garage. We explore digital tools through analog processes, choreographing space through yoctoseconds. We are crossing the border of screen into the virtual realm, nomads of proxy landscapes, travellers of over charged hinterlands, consumers of stereoscopic dreams, tripping on LED at 90 frames per second. This year’s course will focus on capturing, perverting and occupying a hijacked instance of the built environment through Virtual Reality. We will use photogrammetry to capture, 3d animation to develop narratives, real-time render engines to interact and VR technologies to colonize. Responding to the physical surroundings we create simulated spaces that are both contextual and performative while exploring the ability of inhabiting the designing tool.
Press any key to continue. http://aamotion.net

Course Outline

Session 1: Wednesday 7th Oct
3d scanning, photogrammetry
Introduction to the real-time asset workflow
Geometry preparation for real-time engines

Session 2: Wednesday 14th Oct
Introduction to game engines: Unreal, Unity, Cryengine
Importing geometry and scene assembling

Session 3: Wednesday 21st Oct
Materials (shaders and textures)
Lights (dynamic and baked lighting)
Cameras (cinematic and interactive cameras)

Session 4: Wednesday 28th Oct
Animation (motion grammar, linear Vs non-linear animation, keyframing)
Interaction (colliders, triggers, user interface)
Defining the scope of the project


Session 5: Wednesday 11th Nov
Refining the scope of the project
Design and build

Session 6: Wednesday 18th Nov
Design and build

Session 7: Wednesday 25th Nov
Design and build
Deployment for virtual reality (Oculus, GearVR, Google Cardboard)

Session 8: Wednesday 2nd Dec // AA MEDIA JURY DAY
Deployment for virtual reality (Oculus, GearVR, Google Cardboard)
Publishing documenting and promoting the project.

Daria Aiatollahi Moussavi
Max Celar
Tobias Hentzer Dausgaard
Tzu-hsiang Lin
Nathalie Grace Reifschneider
Oratai Taechamahaphant
Xuecheng Wang
Xxx Yihong
Shu Kui Lee
Vaclav Pechan
CHOI Dunbee
Malgorzata Stanislawek
Sheng-Chin (Jeffrey) Wu
Ping Ping Lu